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Fundamentals of Project Management

Program description

The Fundamentals of Project Management Professional Certificate introduces the fundamental principles for you to mana…

The Fundamentals of Project Management Professional Certificate introduces the fundamental principles for you to manage a successful project – from small, do-it-yourself projects, to large-scale projects – across a range of industries and sectors.

Throughout your learning journey, you will apply project management methodologies to the key characteristics of a project life cycle. You will learn about the application of core principles through carefully considered scenarios with broad-ranging contexts. To get a deeper insight into the scope of project management, you’ll share your experience and knowledge with other learners, learning from them as you go.

Upon completion of the first course, you’ll then develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in project risk management. You will learn how to integrate the risk management process into your own business context by identifying, assessing and analysing risk. You will complete your learning journey by developing a strategy for risk response, and how to monitor and review risk.

What you will learn:

  • Core knowledge and applied skills in project management.
  • Essential communication skills to help you manage a project.
  • An understanding of why today’s projects are more complex.
  • How the risk management process works as part of a compliance framework and how to use the framework to identify, assess and analyse risks in business.
  • Design and integration strategies for reporting and communicating risks to various stakeholders.

No requirements, anyone interested can apply.

Program duration
3 month
Program Intakes
Online Study Mode
Tuition Fees
€327 for the full program experience